Destinations With Character Travel Opens All Inclusive Disney Planning Group on Facebook

Destinations with Character Travel today announced a new Disney Planning & Advice Group on Facebook.

While many agencies and groups run planning groups on Facebook, many of them fracture their planning into separate months or quarters forcing future guests to either pigeon hole themselves into one specific planning group or join multiple groups and keep track of them while planning.

Planning for your Magical Vacation is hectic and sometimes confusing process itself, why cause yourself more stress by having to monitor and watch multiple planning groups where you have posted questions?


Destinations with Character’s group is all inclusive including the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney. Questions regarding the international Disney Parks may also be posted.

Destinations with Character Travel offers their clients and group members a well rounded group of agents.

All agents are “College of Disney Knowledge” Graduates. While each agent has clients that they are dedicated to, all of the agents also work as a team behind the scenes, sharing their knowledge of their own specialties for the betterment of all agents and the agency.

Destinations with Character Travel has agents specializing in the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Special Needs, Mobility Issues, Military Discounts and Rates, Large Families, and Group Planning.

Booking with Destinations with Character Travel is not required for membership in the group but we hope that by seeing our knowledge and service first hand you will see the benefits of working with a travel agent.


Using a travel agent for your Disney bookings should never cost you any additional fees, our commission comes directly from Disney.

The advantage is, a good Disney registered travel agent will book your trip, make any fastpass+ and dining reservations for you, setup any additional needs or arrangements you may have for the trip, and constantly monitor and compare your package against new promotions that come out to see if they can save you

Think of your travel agent as a full time personal assistant, dedicated to your vacation, every day until the day you arrive home!

Check out the Disney Planning & Advice Group today on Facebook by clicking here.

While you’re at it, check out our Fun Disney Fan Group, “Disney Destinations Characters” on Facebook too by clicking here!

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