Disney World Weather – What to Expect

What ever the season may me, we HIGHLY recommend that when visiting Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL you should always be prepared for rain. With our experience in Florida is usually rains (regardless how the day begins) at least once a day especially during the spring and summer, and especially in the late afternoon or evenings. Rain is usually light and not too bothersome.

You can be prepared and bring a $0.99 poncho from Walmart, or you can find  a Walt Disney World poncho at most of the park gift shops, including The Emporium at The Magic Kingdom, The Mouse Gears store at Epcot Future World and The World of Disney Store in Disney Springs. The weather in Orlando, FL is unpredictable to say the least so you can never really be too prepared. Also remember that during showers, while many outdoor attractions must close for a short time, the indoor ones do not. This can be a great time to ride those attractions you’ve been waiting for while the lines thin as many guests head back to their hotel to wait out the rain!

When the rain is not an issue, don’t forget about the sun! The Florida sun can be particularly hot in the summer months, especially for many northerners. Always remember to have your sun screen to prevent a nasty sunburn from a day in the parks which could ruin the rest of your Magical Vacation, and your sun glasses to block out the bright sun.

Average Monthly Temp:

Highs – Lows:

Jan     71°F – 47°F
Feb     73°F – 50°F
Mar     78°F – 54°F
Apr     83°F – 62°F
May     89°F – 65°F
Jun     91°F – 71°F
Jul     92°F – 73°F
Aug     92°F – 73°F
Sep     90°F – 72°F
Oct     84°F – 66°F
Nov     78°F – 58°F
Dec     72°F – 51°F

Average Records for Orlando, FL

  • On average, the coolest month in Orlando, FL is January
  • The lowest recorded temperature was 17°F in the year 2000
  • On average, the warmest month in Orlando, FL is July
  • The highest recorded temperature was 102°F in the year of 2000
  • The maximum average precipitation occurs in June

Hurricane Season

According to the National Hurricane Center, the Orlando, FL hurricane season begins on June 1st and tops out around November 30th of each year. So when traveling during Hurricane Season you may want to look into some traveling insurance and be sure to check the Walt Disney World Resort Hurricane Policy here.

Regardless of your vacation dates, we highly recommend that you always have a backup plan for a rainy day and a cool place to relax if the weather gets too hot during your visit to the parks. Be sure to check the Walt Disney World 10-Day Forecast before departure to help you pack and plan for what’s ahead on your next visit to Orlando, FL. Being prepared for fluke weather during your trip is one of the most important steps to making your next vacation an unforgettable Disney vacation!

Have a Magical Day!

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