Enjoy These 10 Wild Terms of Endearment From Around The World

Enjoy These 10 Wild Terms of Endearment From Around The World

IMAGE: Enjoy some truly unique terms of endearment rounded up from around the world. (Image courtesy Direct Travel Insurance)

Originally published in Travel Pulse News  GABE ZALDIVAR | DECEMBER 01, 2016

If anyone ever mentions your eggy eyes or calls you fat take it as a compliment—or, at least, you should probably consider where you are in the world before you smile and nod welcoming at whatever phrase is tossed your way.

Thankfully, Direct Travel Insurancesolves a bit of the confusion in traversing the globe with what it calls Weird Terms of Endearment from Around the World.

As you will soon see, many cultures encourage phrases that start with “my little” and then end with some rather odd items.

The linked article walks you through the various meanings of ten odd phrases; here are our favorites.


(Image courtesy Direct Travel Insurance)

As DTI explains: “in Ecuador and other Latin-American countries, it is very common to call your loved one ‘gordo’ or ‘gorda,’ literal translation = ‘fatso.’ Because when you really love someone, you love their flaws too.”

We would caution that you better be pretty darn close to someone if you plan on calling them out on their zaftig figure.


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The term “mijn poepie” roughly translates to “my little poop,” which depending on context means a dear loved one or something you should probably keep to yourself.


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Being small is a popular sentiment in global colloquialisms. In Italian, Microbino mio just means that local is calling you their little microbe, which is a good thing. We think.


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Our favorite may just be China’s, “Chen yu iuo yan,” which translates to “diving fish, swooping geese.”

DTI explains a beautiful and rather tragic phrase: “It is a reference to two of the most famous ancient beauties of China: one so beautiful that when she looked into a pond the fish forgot to swim and sank to the bottom; the other, made the geese forget to flap their wings.”

Beauty kills just about anywhere in the world.

Here are some more mentioned in the article:

Japanese: “tamago gata no kao” or ”an egg with eyes”

The phrase touts what is considered an attractive look.

Persian: “moosh bokhoradet” or “may a mouse eat you”

Sometimes you look good enough for a rodent to devour.

French: “mon petit chou” or “my little cabbage”

Just about anything can be adorable when it’s small.

Hungarian: “bogarkam” or “my little insect”

This includes the normally dreaded realm of the insect, which is in an odd way complimentary in Hungary.

German: “Zaubermaus” or “magic mouse”

This truly awesome phrase is normally relegated to wives or daughters, so keep this one in your pocket.

Polish: “kruzynko” or “breadcrumb”

While a nuisance on your shirt of sleeve, a breadcrumb is absolutely lovely in Poland.



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