Temporary Art Exhibit Opens at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Rhinos are getting a unique spotlight at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.
For a limited time only, the resort is showcasing art from the Horns and Heroes Project, a non-profit organization started by Animals, Science, and Environment Cast Members, including zoological manager Chad Harmon. The organization is dedicated to saving the five remaining rhino species through artwork and holds bi-annual events to raise money and awareness, auctioning off sculptures.
Each year, a base sculpture is produced and then given to local Guest artists to reimagine. Walt Disney Imagineers, artists and zookeepers alike, volunteer their time and efforts to bring the sculptures to life. Some are fun and whimsical, while others are more serious.
“Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge are all about animals, nature, conservation and art, so it is a perfect mix with the Horns and Heroes project,” said Chad Harmon, zoological manager and founder of the Horns and Heroes Project. “With this display, the point is to reach another crowd, audiences outside of those interested in conservation and animals, but also to encourage those interested in conservation to spread the word. We hope people will see the display and then tell someone else, leave with an understanding of the difficulties that rhinos face and talk about it.”
The organization has raised more than $30,000 through the auctions that began in 2012, to help save the critically endangered rhino species. The group collaborates with the International Rhino Foundation, which is also one of the organizations the Disney Conservation Fund and Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment supports to “Reverse the Decline” of at-risk wildlife.
You can visit the Jambo House lobby in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge through Sept. 18 to view the display. This year, the auction will be held in downtown Orlando on World Rhino Day, Sept. 22. To learn more, visit the official Facebook page of The Horns and Heroes Project.

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