5 Unlikely Things You Should Know About Walt Disney World’s Newest Ride

Though it was announced last year (and had its name changed a few months later) it has been confirmed that Miss Adventure Falls, the new family-friendly ride at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon will be opening in just a few days on March 12th! This is definitely a significant development, as Walt Disney World has unfortunately developed a reputation for neglecting its water parks over the years.

However, even if you haven’t visited Walt Disney World’s water parks in a long time, this new attraction may be worth making a special trip to Typhoon Lagoon for. And here’s why:

1. This new ride will actually have a story

Image: Disney

One of the most interesting things that struck us about this attraction when the plans for it first surfaced online was how massive the slide track was. And after it was officially announced, Disney confirmed that Miss Adventure Falls would be the longest water ride ever constructed at the resort, with average ride times hovering around the two-minute mark. And now we know a bit more about why this ride is so long-lasting.

From the moment riders board their raft, guests will experience the story of the fictitious Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure-hunting heroine who got stranded at Typhoon Lagoon years ago by a rogue storm. During this story-driven journey through Captain Oceaneer’s past, guests will be able to see unique artifacts that Captain Mary Oceaneer collected on her many treasure hunts around the world as they zoom by on their adventure. And while that may not sound all that interesting at first, fans of obscure animated Disney films may want to keep their eyes peeled because…

2. There’s a connection to the world of Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Image: Disney

One of the most under-appreciated films in Disney Animation’s back catalog has to be Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Though Disney had big plans for this film series (even pre-planning an attraction around it in the late 1990s), lackluster box office sales doomed this film to obscurity almost immediately, with most modern Disney fans discovering it much later via home video and the Disney Channel.

However, a new official publicity photo that Disney shared recently confirms that Atlantis: The Lost Empire has not been totally forgotten, as this new ride will have a direct connection to this relatively unknown film.

Image: Disney

If you squint your eyes while looking at the image above of Captain Mary Oceaneer’s dive bell, you can see some unfamiliar text written in gold right under the word “Treasures”. And if you’re a big Atlantis: The Lost Empire fan, you’ll immediately recognize those letters as being from the Atlantean alphabet from this film, spelling out the message “I Come in Peace”.

This is certainly a cool little Easter egg for fans of this film, and though it has yet to be confirmed, we’d imagine that this ride will have several other little surprises for longtime Disney fans to check out.

3. There will also be some moving parts as well

 Image: Disney

Though we’re pretty excited to see what other reference-filled props we will find among Captain Mary Oceaneer’s many treasures, it has also been confirmed that an audio animatronic of this character’s pet parrot has been created for this new ride as well.

This develoment is yet another first for Disney, as neither Blizzard Beach nor Typhoon Lagoon have any audio animatronic elements to their existing water slides. While we don’t know how complex (or simple) this component of the ride will be, this is definitely an interesting development, and will make this one of the most unique water rides, not just at Walt Disney World, but at any water park in Central Florida.

4. This ride will be accessible for everyone

Excited to experience this attraction with your family? We’ve got good news: Miss Adventure Falls has been designed to be a family-friendly attraction, and will be one of the only water slides at a Disney water park that does not have a height restriction of any kind. This attraction will use rafts that up to four guests will be able to sit in, and as long as you and your party can all sit up straight and hang on, everyone can ride together.

5. You might need a new ticket type to ride

When Walt Disney World announced its last round of price hikes several weeks ago, it got rid of the Water park fun and more add-on, which plenty of guests who used the Magic Your Way ticket system were familiar with. Replacing this option is Park Hopper Plus, which is a new add-on to base Magic Your Way tickets that includes a certain number of visits to the water parks and mini golf courses. If you are hoping to experience this new attraction on multiple days, or perhaps early one day before visiting another theme park, you might need to double-check your ticket type to make sure that you are able to visit Typhoon Lagoon when you want to.

Though Walt Disney World’s water parks have been open for more than 20 years, Miss Fortune Falls is actually only the second ride ever to be added to a water park at this resort. Are you excited to experience this new attraction? Or will you be heading over to Universal Orlando Resort’s new Volcano Bay water park this summer instead?

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