A Look Back at the 20th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival-2015 (Part 2 of 3)

Every fall, the Epcot – World Showcase at the Walt Disney World Resort hosts the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Along with the Flower & Garden Festival in the Spring, this is always one of the most highly anticipated and visited special events at the Walt Disney World Resort!

The Walt Disney World Web Site describes it in the following way:

Taste Your Way Around The World

“Embark on a culinary adventure celebrating 20 years of culture and cuisine with the finest wine and beverage offerings at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, presented by CHASE®.”


“Each fall, as the seasons transform, so does Epcot—where dozens of unique flavors and fun experiences unfold across the park.”


“Discover new dimensions of flavor as you sample incredible dishes from all over the globe.”


“Take some tips from the pros as you get an inside look at the care and craft of these food and beverage creations”


“Join some of the culinary world’s brightest stars on your journey into whole new worlds of flavor.”

In this second part of our three part series, we will look at photos from the various country booths and their menus for this year.

Please click on any image to get a larger image for easier viewing.

F&W2015 Africa Menu F&W2015 Africa Pavilion F&W2015 Australia Booth F&W2015 Australia Menu F&W2015 Belgium Booth F&W2015 Belgium Menu F&W2015 Brazil Booth F&W2015 Brazil Menu F&W2015 Canada Menu F&W2015 Canada Pavilion F&W2015 China Menu F&W2015 China Pavilion F&W2015 Diminican Republic Pavilion F&W2015 Dominican Republic Menu F&W2015 France Menu F&W2015 France Pavilion F&W2015 Germany Menu F&W2015 Germany Pavilion F&W2015 Grece Menu F&W2015 Greece Pavilion F&W2015 Hawaii Menu 1 F&W2015 Hawaii Menu 2 F&W2015 Hawaii Pavilion F&W2015 Ireland Menu F&W2015 Ireland Pavilion F&W2015 Italian Gelato Pavilion 1 F&W2015 Italian Gelato Pavilion 2 F&W2015 Italy Menu F&W2015 Italy Pavilion F&W2015 Japan Menu F&W2015 Japan Pavilion F&W2015 Joy of Tea Pavilion F&W2015 Margarita's Bar Pavilion F&W2015 Mexico Menu F&W2015 Mexico Pavilion F&W2015 Morocco Menu F&W2015 Morocco Pavilion F&W2015 New Zealand Booth F&W2015 New Zealand Menu F&W2015 Patagonia Menu F&W2015 Patagonia Pavilion F&W2015 Poland Menu F&W2015 Poland Pavilion F&W2015 Scotland Menu F&W2015 Scotland Pavilion F&W2015 South Korea Menu F&W2015 South Korea Pavilion

All of these photos have been provided, courtesy of Amanda Brown.

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