Disney Cruise Line – Fish Extenders


DCL Fish Extenders2

While reading up on Disney Cruises or making plans with your travel agent for your next Disney Cruise, you may see or hear the term “Fish Extenders”. Fish Extenders are a neat way many experienced Disney Cruisers add a little optional fun to their cruise vacation. You will notice on board, that each Disney Cruise stateroom has a small silver fish or seahorse on either the left or right side of your door. These are used by the cruise line to deliver correspondence to all of the staterooms. Those participating in a Fish Extender group hand a small bag that they decorate on their Silver fish or seahorse hook. People participating drop small tokens, trinkets, etc in each others Fish Extenders to make the trip more fun. Some of the most loved items could be Disney themed hair accessories, magnets to decorate stateroom doors, bubbles, glow sticks (awesome for Pirate Night!), games, nail accessories.

Here’s an excellent article from our friends at Family Travel Magazine also explaining DCL Fish Extenders:

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