Disney Tsum Tsum’s – The Latest Disney Collectables


Tsum Tsum’s are small collectible plushies that can be stacked to form a pyramid!

The name “tsum tsum” comes from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”, and the plushies are designed to sit on top of each other, forming a pyramid. These first appeared in Japan in 2013 and have gradually made it to other countries. Here in the United States you can find them at Target Stores, The Disney Store and at the World of Disney Store at the Walt Disney World Resort.

They come in 3 different sizes:

Mini – 3 1/2 inches ($ 4.95)

Medium – 10 1/2 & 11 inches ($12.95)

Large 17 inches ($24.95)

There are 4 different variations of Tsum Tsums:

  • Disney Store – These are the Tsums released at the US and European Disney Stores and have Disney Store tags
  • Japanese Disney Store – These are the Tsums that are released at the Disney Store in Japan. These are the most likely to have differences and have different and smaller sewn in tags
  • Disney Parks – These are the Tsum Tsums that are available at any of the parks world-wide. They have Disney Parks tags and as far as we can tell are normally the same as the Disney Store Tsums with the exception of the tags (and availability of characters)
  • Clinton’s – These are the Tsum Tsums that are available at Clinton’s (UK version of Hallmark) in the UK. They have different tags and can have slight variations

Happy Collecting & Happy Stacking!

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