Do You Remember Pal Mickey?

Do you remember Pal Mickey? 

Pal Mickey

Pal Mickey was an interactive plush Mickey Mouse toy developed for and sold at The Walt Disney World Resort. The original version went on sale in the Spring of 2003 and the final version was discontinued in the Fall of 2008. While Disney discontinued selling Pal Mickey in 2008, all the versions continued to still work in the parks until September 27, 2014, when the infra-red sensors used for Pal Mickey were considered out dated technology and support for Pal Mickey ended.

There were 4 versions of Pal Mickey released:

  • “Original Pal Mickey” introduced in May, 2003
  • “Happiest celebration on Earth” version introduced in May, 2005
  • “Pal Mickey Sorcerer Costume” version introduced in September, 2006
  • “Spanish language Pal Mickey”  version available throughout.

Pal Micey Sorcerer

Pal Mickey interacted with over 400 locations throughout the 4 Walt Disney World Parks. The original Pal Mickey also included 3 games, “That Isn’t Here”, “Mickey Says” and “Fast friends”. Version 2 also added 3 additional games: “Follow Me”, “Try and Keep Up”, and “Repeat Myself”



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