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Disney Vacation Accounts (DVA) are Disney’s magical savings program to help you save up money on a gradual basis for an upcoming or future Disney Magical Vacation.  In a nut shell, you create an account, set a future date that you’d like to save for, and then tell them the amount you’d like to save and how often you would like to contribute.

For those of us on tight budgets or for whom money is in short availability, this is a great way to be able to save up gradually to take your family on that once in a lifetime Magical Disney Vacation. One of the best benefits to having a Disney Vacation Account, is that they are absolutely risk free! If for any reason down the road you should change your mind, need the money for an emergency, or just can no longer go to a Disney Park, there’s no worries at all. Your entire balance of your Disney Vacation Account can be completely refunded to you with no cancellation penalties! (If you make payments to your DVA using Disney Gift Cards, please be sure to save the cards. In the event you need to have the funds refunded, any funds that came from a Disney Gift card must be returned to that gift card.)

Funding Your DVA

You have many options available to you from Disney for funding your Disney Vacation Account. You can make payment using a personal check, debit/credit card, your Disney Visa, or Disney Gift cards. You can also set up automatic payments using your personal checking account, debit/credit card or Disney credit card. The choice is all yours! You get to decide how the payment is made and when it is made. You can also change your method of funding at any time.


Using Your DVA Funds

Funds from a DVA can be used to pay for any type of magical Disney Vacation experience including; The Walt Disney World Resort, The Disneyland Resort, Good Neighbor Program Hotels (only if booked through Walt Disney Travel Company), The Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney.

Your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner can also accept and make payments for you from your Disney Vacation Account.

You also use the DVA to save spending money. If you should be lucky enough to have funds remaining in your Disney Vacation Account after paying for your Magical Disney Vacation experience, you can request a Disney Gift card in that amount and use it everywhere Disney Gift Cards are accepted, thus giving you spending money for your trip!


There are some great benefits to using the Disney Vacation Account. Obviously, one important benefit is that you can save up for your trip over a long period of time, taking strain off your family’s funds. Another important benefit is that using it is risk free. If you open an account and decide later on that you don’t need it or [GASP] have to cancel your trip indefinitely, you have nothing to worry about. The entire balance can be refunded to you with no penalty at all, just make sure to keep a gift cards that you may have used to fund the account because all monies are returned to the same form of payment.




For every $1000.00 of your Disney Vacation Account that you spend on a qualified Magical Disney Vacation experience,

Disney will give you a $20 Disney Gift card!

For more details and to open your own Disney Vacation account go here.

*Cannot be used on any hotel or means of transportation that are not booked directly with Disney, this includes but is not limited to airfare, rental car and pre/post Cruise hotel accommodations.





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