FastPass Plus – How To Use It


FastPass+ is the re-imaging of the old Disney Fast Pass system that has been available in The Walt Disney World Parks for many years. The new Fast Pass+ systems replace the old paper Fast Pass tickets and replace them with digital versions that are contained on your Magic Band. It also replaces the kiosks that were in front of all the Fast Pass enabled attractions with kiosk centers in a few places in the park where you can get additional Past Pass+ reservations once you have used up your daily allotment of 3. It also gives you the added ability of pre-planning part of your trip by choosing your Fast Pass+ selections before you ever arrive! Guests staying on property are allowed to choose their Fast Pass+ selections starting 60 days before their arrival. Guests staying off site are allowed to pre-select the Fast Pass+ selections beginning 30 days prior to arrival.

When you book a Walt Disney World Resort vacation package, it includes your Magic Band. Your Magic Band contains your room key, reservation details, your dining reservations and your Fast Pass + reservations. You can modify your Magic Bands, Dining Reservations and Fast Pass+ reservations using Disney’s My Disney Experience (MDE) on the web or by using the like named app on your smart phone (available free in most app stores). After booking your Magical Vacation, you can link your reservation using your reservation number to your My Disney Experience account. Once your account is set up and your reservation linked to it, you can plan your Fast Pass+ for your vacation up to 60 days prior to your arrival. In the My Disney Experience (MDE) app, you select the date, time and park you wish to visit and then select up to 3 Fast Pass+ selections for that day. It is highly recommend that you choose the earliest times available because once your initial 3 Fast Pass+ selections are used, you may go to the kiosk center located in the parks and select additional Fast Pass+ selections, one at a time based on park hours and availability.

If staying off site, guests may still set up there My Disney Experience (MDE) accounts in advance, link their park tickets, and choose their Fast Pass+ selections 30 days prior to arrival similar to guests staying on site.

Once your Fast Pass+ selections are made, on the day you visit a park, at the time you have selected a Fast Pass+ go to the Fast Pass+ entrance at the attraction,  hold your Magic Band up to the Magic Band reader and proceed in to a much shorter line for the attractions.

While spending your day in the park, if for any reason you decide to change your Fast Pass+ selections, you can do so using the My Disney Experience (MDE) app. Just select one of your Fast Pass+ selections not yet used, delete it, and select a new one from current availability. There are also new selections opening up all day long!

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