From the Owner’s Desk: Dark Clouds or Silver Linings?

Friday, March 13, 2020

Since January 2020, it seems like all we’ve heard about is COVID-19 / Novel-Coronavirus.

In the past 48 hours, the travel industry has taken its biggest hit since 9/11. The United States implemented a one-month travel ban to 26 European Countries and as of 5:00 AM this morning, 15 major travel suppliers have suspended operations including theme parks, cruise lines and tour companies.

We here at Destinations with Character Travel take our customer service and our dedication to our clients very seriously and have been working diligently to take care of all our client’s needs, issues, and changes that need to be done. While we understand there may be more to come, we know that we have worked through hours of hold times, and hundreds of emails to make sure all our clients and their bookings are taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

While many may speak of what a disaster this is in travel, the Destinations with Character Family has chosen to find a Silver Lining and look at this as our moment to shine during one of our industry’s darkest hours. Many of our travel consultants have been up throughout the night and our clients are seeing firsthand how strong our level of service is, and the extent of our dedication to our clients.

Additionally, once we have these client’s vacations re-positioned to future dates, we have chosen to use this time waiting for suppliers to continue operations to organize our minds, reevaluate our client lists and hone our skills with additional training’s.


Rest assured that Destinations with Character Travel is open for business.

There are still many locations that you can travel to. For those of you not wanting to leave the United States, let’s hearken back to those days  from the 50’s – 70’s when our parents loaded up all of us kids in the family truckster and hit the American Highways to see all that our beautiful Nation has to offer!  Our Travel Consultants can do the research, map you out a route, book your hotels along the route, and find those exciting destinations across the U.S. for your family. You may grumble about those days of being in the car for a week or two with your parents and little brother or sister, but remember what those trips gave you, Family Memories.

So, talk about it together, and contact the Travel Consultants of Destinations with Character Travel.

Visit those spots you remember as a child and give your children that most precious gift of gifts, Family Memories!


Happy Trails Friends,

Don Korta, Owner

Destinations with Character Travel Services, LLC.

A Family Owned & Operated Travel Agency

Where Family Still Means Something!

Don Korta
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