How Do I Know What Is a Quick Service Restaurant at The Walt Disney World Resort?

The Walt Disney World Resort Quick Service Dining locations are typically cafeteria-style or counter-service dining experiences. Many of the Quick Service restaurants will also feature the Quick Service Menu above the counter as you enter the restaurant. Many of the Quick Service Dining locations now offer the quick-order kiosks which allow you to digitally select your meal via kiosk. This helps you place your order quickly and more efficiently. After ordering, you just select a table to enjoy your dining experience or take your meal to go!

  • Quick Service restaurants do not accept reservations.
  • Most Quick Service locations are Disney Dining Plan eligible.

There even a Disney Quick Service Dining Plan which offers 2 Quick Service Meals per day.

  • Make sure to look for the Disney Dining Plan Logo when placing your order:  disneydiningplansnackcredit

A list of all The Walt Disney World Resort Quick Service Dining locations can be found at the Disney World Dining page, at the top left-hand corner of the page see the drop down menu entitled, “Dining Experience”, next select “Counter Service”, “Fast Casual”, and/or “Food Truck” to see a list of each Disney Dining Quick Service location or click here to get a good game plan in place before you’re arrival.

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