REVIEW: “Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales” DVD Produced by Theme Parkology

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This week I had the pleasure of receiving my copy of Theme Parkology’s “Pirate’s of the Caribbean” DVD, part of Theme Parkology’s “The Attraction Series”. Now I have been a fan of theme park documentary and attraction ride through DVDs for many many years. This wonderful documentary of Disney Park’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction blew me away with the amount of detail and information that Jerry Cornell and his team at Theme Parkology have packed in to it. So many products in this category are primarily fan videos imprinted to DVD with very little editing or design work put in to the process. Theme Parkology’s however, are a full blown publishing production with the quality, style, and design you would expect to see from a movie production studio.


Beginning with the initial ideas and themes that Walt Disney himself had, this documentary takes us though beginning sketches and themes thought up for Pirates of the Caribbean Project. We learn of Walt’s original ideas, the input the Imagineers and others had and how together with Walt’s ideas this project was ever evolving. It also delves into how the World’s Fair of 1964 held in New York, affected the Pirates Project. With all that Walt Disney and his Imagineers learned from their newly created Animatronics for Great Moments with Mr Lincoln, and an interesting little attraction called The Carousel of Progress, brought in a new dimension to build into to the Pirates Project. Rather than just being a walk through museum type attraction including static figure dioramas, it could now become something much more in depth that the guests could literally be immersed in. Even a cute little ride created at the World’s Fair for UNICEF, called It’s A Small World had a big affect on how the Pirate Project would eventually turn out!

This documentary takes you through all of these steps and more, all the way to final production. You will also even learn how “social feelings” or “norms” and the movie industry have continued to shape and change the Pirates of the Caribbean to this day.

The full ride through of the current “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction at the Disneyland Resort, along with the comparisons to all the other recreations of it at other Disney Parks, raises your interest in wanting to see the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction or one of its companion Pirate attractions. I absolutely Love the interviews from Disney Imagineer, Alan Coates, Disney Legend/Imagineer X-Atencio, Disney Imagineer Joe Rhodes and actor/visual effect artist C. Andrew Nelson and others. The information these legends share in the interviews just take this documentary to an entirely new level of professionalism. I also love the animated transition segments and images throughout these DVD documentaries. Being a lifelong Disney fan who has visited the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort dozens of times, I thoroughly and heartily enjoy watching the production and will do so again and again.

The team that Jerry Cornell has built at Theme Parkology just amazes me, and he should be commended. Jerry has built a solid team of writers, directors, editors, animators, filmmakers, interviewers, to make these DVD documentaries at the most professional level I have ever seen.

I have collected a library of hundreds of documentary and attraction ride through DVDs over the past 30 years and I can honestly say that Theme Parkology and the extensive team built by Jerry Cornell have definitively set the new standard for other Disney DVD creators to shoot for.

Even better, they do it all at a price that would never have you guessing there was this professional and extensive of a team behind each production!


Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

I’m off to watch some more DVDs!


Reviewer: Don Korta – Owner of “Destinations with Character Travel Agency”, Lifelong Disney Enthusiast, Disney Fan & Disney Collector Extraordinaire.





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