With the weekend upon us, we thought sharing this smooth & sweet Planter’s Punch from Crystal Cruises would be a good choice for all of us!

Planter's Punch Cocktail

Deep Rum Flavors with a Sunset Hue for Thirsty Thursday

Like most things that become popular favorites, many have claimed to be the creator of the planter’s punch cocktail. It first appeared in print by name in London-based Fun magazine in 1878, though some trace its origin back to Charleston, South Carolina and others credit Jamaican rum experts with the concoction. The more modern recipe came to popularity after The New York Times published in in 1908, which sparked even greater popularity for the drink. Virtually no two barkeepers approach the mix of dark rum (typical of Jamaica’s distilleries), fruit juices and grenadine the same way, with variations on ratios and garnishes. But what is consistent is the smooth sweetness that hits the palate with the first sip.

This is the drink you’ll want in your hand as your Crystal ship sails away from Port Royal or Ocho Rios on your sojourn through the Caribbean. Its fiery hue perfectly matches the sunsets in the islands, while the hurricane glass in which it’s served is a nod to the dramatic weather that sweeps through at certain times of the year. While we continue to toast such Crystal Experiences from home, we’re letting the planter’s punch cocktail stir warm memories and visions of beach days as it cools and refreshes.

Crystal barkeepers are sharing their personal favorite version here, complete with classic Jamaican Myers Rum. Here’s to warm journeys ahead!

Crystal’s Planter’s Punch Cocktail

2 oz. Myers Dark Rum
3 oz. Fresh orange juice
0.5 oz. Simple syrup
Juice of one lime
Splash of grenadine

Mix and shake with ice then strain into a hurricane glass over fresh ice, garnish with orange slices and a cherry.

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