Theme Parkology’s Disneyland DVD Update!

Pirates of the Caribbean Go Fund Me Update

I am very happy to announce that my goal for the Pirates of the Caribbean Go Fund Me has been reached. This documentary is going to be AMAZING!

I will be shutting down the Go Fund Me on Sunday, the 26 of March as I have been requested to leave it up for another week so that those who still want to contribute can and will be eligible for the rewards.

“Rewards”, you ask?

Here are the rewards for donating;

$5.00 – mentioned on Theme Parkology’s website

$20.00 – receive a copy of The Pirates of the Caribbean DVD

$40.00 – a signed image of one of five drawings by Travis Hanson and a signed DVD by C. Andrew Nelson

$50.00 – your name in the credits, a signed drawings by Travis Hanson, and a signed DVD by C. Andrew Nelson

$100.00 – a sign Pirates DVD, 5 signed images by Travis Hanson, credit at the end of the disc, and a Theme Parkology t-shirt

These are great rewards, but more importantly your contribution assist with making this an awesome DVD. I would really like to thank the following for their contribution;  Cristina Rivera, Destinations with Character Travel Agency, Sandra Santana, Keefe Chow, Danielle Cornell, Craig Sengstock, Paul Mennucci, David Dingman, Benjamin Jeung, Richard Johnson, Elizabeth Wagner, Lee Collins, and Terri McKinsey.

Those still wishing to donate before March 26rd, can go to the Pirates GoFundMe Site.

Previous News regarding

the Pirates of the Caribbeen DVD

Travis Hanson Shares His Talent

I am ecstatic to announce that writer/illustrator, Travis Hanson will be sharing his talent on the upcoming documentary, Pirates of the Caribbean. As mentioned in an earlier post actor/visual effect artist, C. Andrew Nelson, will be editing the documentary as well as animating several transition sequences. The images that Andrew will be using will be illustrated by Travis Hanson.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Hanson’s work please allow me to share his talents. He has written and illustrated some marvelous books including; A Daisy for a Kiss, So you want to buy a Robot Dino?, Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone, and of course The Bean. He has also produced several games such as; No Mercy Card Game and Santa’s Bag, which I have and LOVE to play with my girls.

His style is beyond amazing. He creates jaw-dropping worlds with charming characters and every story has the reader captive. His books are the kind of stories that films are made from. I strongly encourage you to check out his website at,

Travis will be picking up his pencil to draw several Pirate theme images for the animated sequences, adding more wonder- ment to the Pirates documentary. By the way, the skull, canon ball, and liquor  bottle was one by Travis.

I hope that this is the beginning of many future projects together.

Thar Be Pirates Coming, arrrghhh!

Theme Parkology’s documentary on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean has been years in the making, but I am glad to announce that it is finally in production. Here’s what I can tell you about this spectacular documentary;

It was written by talented author, Samantha Alban, who has written A Life Without Living and the recently released Theme Parkology documentary, The Enchanted Secrets of Disneyland. Partial music is being done by the talented James Presley and actor/visual effect artist, C. Andrew Nelson, will not only be doing the animated transition, but he is editing the whole project. (Round of applause)

Within the history of the swashbuckling documentary will be interviews with Disney Legend and Imagineer, X-Atencio and Imagineer, Alan Coats. I will attempt to explore the whole story of the attractions, complete with a ride-thru, and short introductions to the Pirate rides around the world. I am also considering bringing back the bonus track with a possible introduction to the characters within the attraction, as told by Joshua Shaffer, author of

Discovering the Magic Kingdom. This segment would be a lot like Meet the Family bonus track on Theme Parkology’s Haunted Mansion DVD.

As mentioned  Andrew will be adding animated transitions within the documentary. These transition pieces will connect one scene into the next scene smoothly. I would also like to point out the the person who is drawing up the images for the animated sequence is the talented Naya Ramsey-Clarke.

Thar be Pirates invading your television soon. Arrrrgghhh!

Don Korta
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