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Caribbean vacations are rich with natural wonders, including beautiful waterfalls, marine life preserves, volcanoes, and reefs. If you’re looking for a cruise vacation that will relax, inspire, and excite your senses, these gems are yours to discover:

Gibb’s Cay and Governor’s Beach in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands are home to some of the most magnificent snorkeling and diving spots in the world. Their calm waters make snorkeling a peaceful, enlightening experience, even for beginners. While there, two spots you must explore are Gibb’s Cay and Governor’s Beach.

A boat will take you to Gibb’s Cay, an uninhabited island paradise where you can snorkel among stingrays, a rainbow of tropical fish such as bar jacks and butterflyfish, and a gorgeous reef that’s easy to spot in the crystal-clear water. For some alternative lightsnorkeling, head to Governor’s Beach. If you spend a long afternoon here and wait until sunset, you might just catch a glimpse of the famous “green flash” — a stunning visual phenomenon that occurs as the sun dips below the horizon.

Rock Sound in the Bahamas

Our private port of call, Princess Cays is your ticket to the warm, hospitable village of Rock Sound, located on the southern tip of Eleuthera. While you’re there, explore Rock Sound and its own natural wonder: an ocean hole lush with saltwater sea life that locals claim is bottomless. Tucked among pink-sanded beaches, this is a stunning sight you’ll never forget.

Jungle River in Belize

There’s nothing on Earth quite like tubing through a jungle in Belize City as you travel back in time, exploring the mystical, sacred world of the Mayans. Take a Caribbean tubing excursion on which you can glide through a river, brave rapids, explore deep caverns and limestone arches, and stare in amazement at the waterfalls above you.

Stingray Sandbar in Grand Cayman

The stingrays that dwell in Grand Cayman‘s North Shore lagoon have been gathering there for years, when fisherman first used the area to clean their fish, much to the hungry rays’ delights. Today, the Stingray Sandbar is not only filled with these unusual creatures, but they are all right at the top of the blue Caribbean waters, waiting for divers and guides to toss them savory snacks. You don’t have to be an experienced snorkeler to enjoy the sandbar, as the water is only a few feet high.

Les Pitons in St. Lucia

Les Pitons (The Peaks) are truly Caribbean natural wonders — in fact, they’re part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you stop in St. Lucia, you’ll catch an astounding view of these two volcanic peaks, which were formed from lava domes that rose from the sea. The area, a favorite among experienced climbers, is home to a tropical forest, coral reefs and other marine life, 27 species of birds, active sulfur hot springs, and a secluded cove.

On Caribbean cruise vacations, you’ll find no shortage of thrilling and inspiring sights and activities. Cruise the Caribbean, and come back new.

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