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At Destinations with Character Travel, we help our clients plan and execute the perfect travel itinerary, from family vacations at Walt Disney World to ocean and river cruises, and All Inclusive Resorts worldwide. We are committed to always being an honest and trustworthy partner to BOTH our Travel Consultants and to our Clients. We believe we are “Someone to trust with your vacation memories” and ask potential clients to “Come Experience How Much We Care About Your Travels” and take those responsibilities very seriously. Our client’s vacation shouldn’t just be a trip that they take, but rather, a Stress & Hassle Free Vacation Experience for them and their loved ones to remember forever.


Why Work With Destinations With Character Travel

Bringing our clients the best vacation experience, for the best price possible to fit their needs is our number one priority. Our strong attention to detail, constant availability to our clients, and ability to act & think quick on our feet is what makes us stand out in the crowd and brings so many of our clients back time after time. Many “clients” eventually become “friends” to their agent.


A People-First Environment

Unbeatable Commission

Commission is split between the IC/agent and the agency. The split is commensurate with experience and can rise as your sales rise.

Travel Benefits

Many of our travel partners/suppliers offer discounted rates for travel agents to try their products, once you have attained enough sales to meet their requirements.

Flexible Schedule

While working from home you pick your hours to work. All we ask is that you be quick to answer clients questions, and be ready for any of their needs while traveling.

Friendly Atmosphere

Our agency and team is very family based with a family friendly feel. We have a private group on Facebook for agents only, and a Messenger Group set up for all agents to be able to ask for help quickly.

Free Training From All Of Our Travel Partners

Each and every one of our travel partners/suppliers offers free training to bring you up to speed with their products.


What I love about working here is that I get to help families find a place they can vacation and spend time together.

Melissa Morrell | Travel Consultant, Tennessee

What I love about working here.

Katie Holzknecht | Travel Consultant, Kentucky

I get to help families find a place they can vacation and spend time together.

Melissa Morrell
Katie Holzknecht

We Have The Answers

How Do You Get Clients?

You are an Independent Contractor and own your own business and clients, but use our registered suppliers and agency registration to book your clients. You are responsible for growing your business, networking and establishing your client base which will always remain yours. The agency and our family of Independent Contractor / Travel Consultants will provide tips, guidance, support and mentoring on the best methods and ideas we have found for developing your network and client base, along with how to close those leads once you gain them. The agency does receive "quote requests" through our web site based on our agency advertising. These requests are offered to our travel consultants on a first come, first serve basis.

How Do You Get Paid?

Your commission on bookings is split with the agency, as it is at all travel agencies. Your split percentage is based on your years of experience and your successful bookings. Most Suppliers pay the commission to the agency 2 weeks after the clients return home from their travels. On the first weekend of each month, the agency pays out commissions that were received in the previous month. We pay out commissions via Zelle or a mailed paper bank check.

What Are The Fees?

We have a $280 Annual Fee that can be paid in 1 or 2 installments. Half of this fee is prepayment towards the monthly fee we are charged by our CRM company per each travel consultant. The rest is used for a portion of our agency advertising.

What are the requirements?

Responsibilities • Stay up to date on the latest travel industry news and trends, such as cultural events and emergency situations. • Provide information and recommendations to clients regarding their future destinations. • Plan itineraries that meet clients’ budgets and requests • Answer emails and calls from clients, addressing any questions or concerns they may have about their travel plans. • Work with clients to make last-minute changes or updates to their itinerary. Skills and qualifications • Strong communication and sales skills • Familiarity with the latest travel trends, including popular vacation locations and activities. • Strong organizational and planning skills • Excellent time management skills • Understanding of foreign and domestic travel requirements or restrictions Preferred qualifications • Excellent customer service skills • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. • Patience and perseverance when unforeseen issues arise. • Ability to work independently or with our a team when needed. Must have a working computer, reliable internet connection and cell phone.


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